Play the Lollapalooza Webcast Drinking Game


Lollapalooza is once again descending on Grant Park in Chicago, and for those of us that can’t be there, at least we can be there in spirit.

Watch the webcast here

Lollapalooza Drinking Game Rules:
Drink if:

  • They show the fountain in Grant Park. Finish your drink if someone is swimming in it
  • Lorde talks about how lucky she is to be here
  • Anytime someone says this is the best show they’ve ever played
  • They show Perry Farrell
  • Someone says “exclusive,” “facebook,” or “twitter”
  • Arctic Monkeys says something no one can understand
  • You see an obvious corporate sponsorship (I’m looking at you, Red Bull)
  • They show a girl in a bikini top
  • Any time a DJ speaks
  • Chromeo has a robot voice solo
  • Someone promotes their new album
  • Someone you’re with is surprised by how deep Mark Foster’s voice is when he speaks
  • Jenny Lewis. Just all of Jenny Lewis.
  • They show anyone drunkenly dancing. Drink until you want to dance with them.
  • They show the big metal jelly bean
  • Someone you’re with thinks Jungle is TV on the Radio
  • If you willingly watch Krewella, just do us all a favor drink yourself to death
  • Childish Gambino says the phrase “Asian girls
  • Cut Copy’s instruments come unplugged, but the music doesn’t stop playing
  • Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon drinks on stage
  • Skrillex jumps on top of his DJ booth


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