This video of young Iranian’s dancing to ‘Happy’ is everything good in the world

It might seem like just another video of some enthusiastic Pharrell fans dancing to “Happy,” but this time it’s different.

The people in the video are from Tehran, Iran.

What you’re seeing is a visual representation of the huge rift growing among the young, progressive majority of the population that wants a change in their country.

Look at this video. The women aren’t wearing head scarves. The men are dancing. They’re dancing together. Granted, the majority of this video seems to be show behind closed doors, but it’s indicative of a rising anti-authoritarian population that supports pro-western ideals like music, dancing, and happiness.

See you soon, Tehran.

Update: Sadly, the ruling party is opposed to things like music, dancing, and happiness. The 8 people in this video have been arrested.

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