SOHN and Mr. Little Jeans at the Independent – San Francisco – 5/24/2014


Two album of the year contenders performed together at the Independent in San Francisco last night.

Mr. Little Jeans continued her ongoing streak of being the cutest fucking Norwegian girl I’ve ever seen, playing a flawless set while wearing a long flowing skirt, tights, and mary janes. Seriously, there’s an entire sub-reddit of baby elephant gifs and I don’t think a single one is as adorable as she is.

SOHN wore a hood the whole show. Well, his head was covered. It might have been a pashmina but I don’t really know what that word means, so let’s call it a hood. It was black, so there’s that. He played piano and worked effects the whole time, complemented by two supplementary fellas on keys and bass behind him. The light bar things were kind of cool, but it’s tough to be impressive with lights these days, considering the scale of what’s possible. I think I heard two songs I didn’t recognize, so he’s got some tricks up his sleeve.

Overall, I’d give this one to Mr. Little Jeans. She could have used a longer set, especially considering it was only the two of them and they started late.

sohn-6 sohn-5 sohn-4 sohn-3 sohn-2sohn-1mrlittlejeans3 mrlittlejeans mrlittlejeans2

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