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The EDC Webcast Drinking Game

Is EDC the best electronic music festival in the U.S.?¬† Vote below! It’s that time of year again, when the girls dust off their neon spandex, the bros pull out their tanks, everyone loads up on beaded bracelets and ring pops and heads out to Las Vegas. For those of us who can’t be there, […]

The Bonnaroo webcast drinking game

Do you have an idea for a rule? Include it in the comments below! Drink every time you see: A hula hoop Someone with dreadlocks Janelle Monae moonwalking Tie dye Nudity of any kind, finish your drink Anyone actually sleeping during¬†Andrew Bird White girl dance moves Someone wearing boat shoes or a polo shirt at […]

Sasquatch Webcast Drinking Game

It’s here: Sasquatch 2014. Time to pile your friends into a car full of camping supplies, drugs, and alcohol and set off toward the Gorge to once again do battle with the hill. But for the rest of us, this weekend means checking the webcast between beers and BBQ as we memorialize our nations commitment […]