The Bonnaroo webcast drinking game

hendel bonnaroo AP 600

Do you have an idea for a rule? Include it in the comments below!

Drink every time you see:

  • A hula hoop
  • Someone with dreadlocks
  • Janelle Monae moonwalking
  • Tie dye
  • Nudity of any kind, finish your drink
  • Anyone actually sleeping during Andrew Bird
  • White girl dance moves
  • Someone wearing boat shoes or a polo shirt at Vampire Weekend
  • Anyone smoking pot or pot leafs on flags, shirts, drum sets
  • A singer saying something political. If it’s the about the NSA, finish your drink
  • Someone wearing a jacket at Cake
  • The mushroom fountain at the festival
  • Someone crying during Sam Smith
  • Anyone complaining about the heat
  • Ninja from Die Antwoord thrusting his pelvis or Yolandi showing her ass
  • Any on stage cameos
  • Someone wearing neon at Cut Copy
  • Jack White saying anything about the Black Keys, finish your drink
  • Anyone literally dead from heatstroke
  • Someone your with describing Warpaint as “So fucking hot”
  • Skrillex drop the bass during the Super Jam
  • Danny Brown saying something incomprehensible
  • Anyone your with making a pun about a Lionel Richie song
  • Any artist saying they’re playing a new song
  • Someone that could only be described as “a dirty hippie”
  • Anyone you know singing along with an Elton John song
  • Any banjo, mandolin, or fiddle
  • Wiz Khalifa drinking
  • Any foreign flag
  • Anybody wearing sunglasses at Zedd

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